Invisible Man Downloaded

How do you define invisibility? Well, it’s the inability to see a certain object. An object that cannot be seen. Well, YOU ARE THAT OBJECT! You are a man who is not visible to women. No matter how hard you try, you are still just dust. Someone who is stuck in the “friend” zone. Women desire hot sex, passion, and where do we get it from? Exactly, ALPHA MEN! it’s impossible not to notice them: confident, muscular, and well-hung. I know you are blushing some, you are tingling inside your pants right now, because I’m telling you the truth and it turns you on so much. You are comfortable being invisible. Too much pressure to date and you get flustered, you don’t know how to please a hot woman, how to give her that pleasure. You can please a woman with your wallet, which I think is your only way to please. You work hard, so you spend every paycheck to get attention from me. To call me, to send me messages...You know you could never be the man who I would choose to fuck. You are an invisible little bitch. You will stay that way. Go ahead, look down at your pathetic dick. Is it visible to you? Hahaha! You are a fucking joke! Of course not! Your dick is so small compared to a real man, that the moment you see a huge cock, you get so nervous, yet, so turned on. You don’t know why...You just are.
Faggot Triggers
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