Mental Castration Part 1

Let’s talk about your inadequate manhood. I am going to strip you down to your very core and leave you dickless. That pathetic thing between your legs. Your cock is useless, your balls are useless... you feel small and completely not needed as a man. You obviously cannot satisfy a woman. You call yourself a man? That’s hilarious! Look at that pathetic erection!?! Mental manipulation is the most powerful tool. I don't have to actually castrate your useless manhood, because you have realized yourself that it’s not worth anything. Your mind castrates itself every time I snap my fingers. You used to be a man. Remember, how you wanted to have sex, so horny, so hard; But not anymore...I control your mind and every time I snap my fingers, you go into the mental blank zone, pure removal of your manhood. On top of being totally emasculated, you are too afraid of really hot women? You have full anxiety to perform, don’t you? You are scared of pussy. You are nervous, sweating, you are shivering, trying to squeeze your softie dick as hard as you can...too bad. I know you wish you had a hard veiny dick like most guys do...but nature played a cruel joke on you. I want you to forget your identity as a man and move on to thinking that you are on a cross-border becoming a woman. Grow yourself a pussy.
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